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Why Automatic Doors Will Help Your company!

swinging doorNo longer are automatic doors supplied in just one colour and one style. Your modern Automatic Doors supplier can supply you with an array of styles and colours which will blend in well with the existing design of your business. As you are probably aware though there are actually three standard models of automatic doors swinging, sliding and folding doors. These may be produced in many formats covering multiple or single openings.

Elderly and Disabled: A lot of buildings are covered by laws and regulations that necessitate them to be accessible for everyone. Even if you are not impacted by these laws then catering for the disabled and elderly by fitting automatic doors would have beneficial repercussions for your business.

Convenience: Most people have battled opening an old fashioned door when they have an armful of bags? Even more so, when the door has a handle to pull it open? It really is extremely frustrating and off putting the thought of struggling to get into a shop? Obviously old fashioned manual doors could cause challenges for anyone, surely this is a good enough reason to switch to automatic doors

Easy to Own, Use and Maintain: Automatic doors have developed significantly recently, they are far more reliable than ever before, easy to fit and to maintain. Not only that but the motors used for them are a lot more cost effective. They are now cheaper than ever.

Safety: Automatic doors are considerably more reliable than ever before, you no longer need fear getting trapped in them as they close. Using the modern technology used to manufacture the doors they are safer than they ever have been. Furthermore this change has seen a drop in the price of automatic doors which has lowered the barriers to entry significantly.

People’s choice: Research conducted recently has shown that besides the laws which require some business’s to have automatic doors in place that people far prefer automatic doors rather than the old fashioned way. In recent surveys above 98% of people asked said they preferred automatic doors. With such a high proportion of people preferring them, it would appear to be the sensible option for all businesses who rely on people’s experience with them to return with repeat business

Essentially from the above there are numerous great reasons to fit automatic doors in your business but the biggest one of all has to be happy customers. First impressions count and if the very first impression is being able to access your business easily then this is what people will remember. If you have given them a easy entry then they will be a happier and inevitably happy people will spend more and come back more frequently.

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