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Simple ways to add decoration to your home

ornamentWhen redesigning a home, there are many ways in which you can introduce small items to the home to brighten it up and add a touch of interest. One of those special items are collectables, which can be bought online or in your local gift shops.

Depending on the style of your home and of course, your personal tastes, decorations will vary from home to home. Follow a theme that will compliment the rest of your house and will also add a unique element to the room. There is nothing worse that mimicking your neighbour or friend in this situation!

Some of my favourite interior decoration tips include :

Gathering collectable items – Collectables, such as plates, figurines, ornaments or trinkets can add a simple touch of character to any situation.

There are so many collections available that can look great in the home, my flat which is by the sea has a collection of nautical themed china which looks great!

You can also consider artwork in your redecoration ideas to add a depth of interest to your home. Whether it is paintwork, prints, images or sculptures, all can work well if chosen correctly to suit the home! Try your local art dealer or even vintage shops to find some worn pieces that have character and will look even better in your home.

Get creative with your flooring – When thinking about a redesign for the home, you often look at walls for inspiration, but also consider the floor. Think about stripping away carpet and resanding a wooden floor, for an extra homely feel or selecting new tiles for your kitchen.. Every little counts!

Good luck with your next redesign – im sure it will look great!

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