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It’s time to use lawn aerator for healthy lawn

lawn aeratorIf you are a homeowner who is concerned with the appearance of landscaping, you may take more attention to your lawn treatment. You may often use fertilizers and nutrients to the grass so the lawn care is more healthy and shiny look. In addition, you always maintain and make irrigation. Using a lawn aerator is one of the keys to beautify and make your lawn stay healthy.

If your lawn starts to look a little dull and lifeless, it is time to use the aerator. Let your lawn breathe into it by using a lawn aerator. Old dead grass can form a layer which prevents air into the root system. Without air reaches beneath the surface of the soil, grass health will suffer.

Lawn aerators penetrates beneath the surface layer of soil and pulls out plugs of soil and grass. Cut or sweep of the stopper and what remains is a hollow grass. The holes allow air, nutrients and water to enter effectively reach the root system.

Soil around the roots receive enough air so that it can continue to feed the grass itself. After the process of moisture and nutrients into the soil is restored, you will see the rejuvenation of your lawn in short time.

There are various types of lawn aerator on the market ranging from simple hand aerator that can be operated for every lawn size. For small and medium-sized jobs, you can find at hardware stores and home improvement centers. For large scale jobs, you can consult with a commercial landscape contractor to do the job correctly.

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