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Terrace of wooden boards on the garden at your home

wood terraceFrom the terrace of this timber, you can view the entire park and see the beauty of flowers.

Grass thrives damaged is experienced by many owners of home gardens. First garden conditions so miserable. Newly planted grass, a few weeks later dry up and die in defense. Any type of flower plants that fall before the growth and development.

Because of that such as rain water puddle in the grass. The grass is so rotten. Pas summer, the grass is damp highlighted sun. And, instantly dry,

Causes of dry grass as well as poor soil conditions. Below ground, there is construction debris remaining home remodeling. Arguably, the soil conditions are less “healthy”. To make the soil healthy again, of course the soil must be cultivated. Debris must be removed and disposed of in soil.

The process of land preparation as above, a little inconvenient. Hence, they build a terrace of wooden boards on top of that location. On the ground that contain debris, they build a porch of a wooden board Bangkirai that weather resistant.

Blade of the board and stacked neatly on top of the framework of logs. Once installed neatly, dicoating board with melamine. Coating makes the wood more durable. Color still beautiful, quality wood do not change.

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