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Designing terrace is not as complex of house interior

terrace designDesigning terrace is not as complex of house interior. Simply set up tables and chairs. Matching the design, after the case.

The terrace of this one is not in front, but behind the house. Functions all kinds. Able to simply sit back while drinking tea in the afternoon. The guests are often brought here, chatting accompanied by a gentle breeze would feel even better.

To support its function, it can be placed wooden chair, a single chair, and do not forget the coffee table. The problem is, the sun often come in and make the patio so hot. The rain do not necessarily make the problem completel.

So find the solution. To dispel the sun, and prevents rain water, placed a bamboo blinds on the edge of the roof. Small solutions that make all the problems.

In view of the terrace is not shielded the wall, then choose the furniture, furniture from materials that will withstand weather changes. Teak wood is the most apt choice for the lovers of wood. But if budget is not sufficient, synthetic wicker can be a good choice. Plus synthetic wicker furniture has many design variations.

Remember, do not “make up” porch too “menor” or excessive. The main function of this one area only bring people from outside to inside the house. Excessive make-up can make a house look too heavy in front.

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