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Change small terrace to large area

terraceEvery time we go to visit someone’s home, generally we waited on the porch before the owner opened the door. Because it is a terrace which is located at outer space from a building.

Well, while waiting on the terrace is also our eyes glanced usually every corner. Either see the park are arranged neatly in the yard or pond fish in one corner of the wall.

In this place also for the first time we can feel the atmosphere and “recognize” private home owner. Whether feeling cool, dry, intimate or formal. As if the terrace has a soul that can communicate with us.

For example, the terrace with a row of concrete pillars and shiny marble floors are impressive formal. This impression will be different when we are on the terrace with a wooden roof construction, floor of ceramic or natural stone that evoke feelings of cool, intimate and far from formal.

To establish a certain atmosphere on the terrace, there are various types of materials we can choose. And every type of material has a value of interior as well as their respective characters.

If you have a block of wood, for example, as noted above, he would give the impression of intimate and warm. While featuring marble floors clean atmosphere, magnificent but somewhat formal.

Then how to dress a terrace house that is not too big like a house BTN 54 type? Moreover, coupled with the limited funds then the house owner.

But that does not mean a small terrace measuring 1 x 3 m square with a distance of boundary wall of the house to the fence along the pages it can not be left unharmed. In fact quite the contrary (see map, red).

The homeowners felt, living room residence was too narrow. That’s why he wants to create a certain atmosphere on the terrace so that eventually spacious living room memorable.

For that new patio is made with size 3 x 3 m (from the boundary wall to the boundary fence). Fences made of wood dolken formed.

Boundary fence along the patio retractable fence along 0.6 m from the old to be pots of plants along the porch railing.

Not only the terrace under the amended section. The roof, made following the original roof slope and the “umbrella” to the end of the terrace hedgerows.

Thus, the height of the roof terrace is created as high as the eye could see (about 1.7 m). Meanwhile, the ceiling was formed following the slope of the roof with rafters-wood shown as a decoration on the ceiling.

In the corner and the edge of the roof terrace, placed flower pots with hanging plants., A pair of bamboo chairs and chandeliers, warm atmosphere and a natural complement. “Now we feel like relaxing in the park if it were sitting on the porch,” said the owner of the house with radiant faces.

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