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The design of the residential villa style terrace

anantara seminyak resort and spaDramatic effects can be shown through the terrace at the corner of the house. Various design of the terrace may be an option, one of this is the design of the residential villa style terrace.

Who would have thought that it has become a character terrace dwelling in almost house. No matter how small the land owned, the terrace is always available. Patio itself could be placed in front, side and rear of a building (house). Front porch serves as a reception room or lounge. Likewise the side and rear porch. In addition, the terrace also serves as a route of air circulation and light into the house.

Location determine the design

Before building a patio, you should note that the location of the placement of the terrace. Front porch, for example, as part of the facade, should have an interchange with building character.

Spacious patio is usually well adapted to the area of ​​land owned. If the small area, then the porch, in particular the front porch, also has a limited area. In addition, the design of the terrace also vary. There is a minimal design, but there is a terrace design as closely as possible. Remember, miscellaneous furniture can also be placed as part of a terrace or simply as an accent.

View Maximum

One of the unique design of the terrace is a terrace on the building of a small villa. Generally, in addition to having a limited land area, small terrace at the villa also connect with the building facades. As found in The Green Forest Hotel, Lembang, Bandung.

As usual villa building, the terrace also has a function as a lounge. Terrace on the first floor, covering an area of ​​no more than 15 m2, decorated by two stone pillars of andesite with a pattern similar bundles of betel leaves as the main buffer. The domination materials is wood.

The entrance to the terrace, which is also the entrance to the villa, offering no less unique design, with wooden railings as a boundary. The choice of location is selected which has a terrace view towards the hills. For occupancy beyond the lowlands, site selection and the direction toward the terrace should also be considered, so that the view can be maximized.

Furniture on the first floor and two relatively equal and mediocre. There are only a couple of chairs with a table on the terrace that serves to put food or soft drinks. A somewhat different, on the terrace floor is placed a small bale-bale of wood attached to a stone pillar. If you get bored sitting in a chair, you can relax in the bale-bale this tiny.

Color Clear

anantara-seminyak-resort-SpaThe different designs used by the Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa is located in Bali. By using the element of wood, commonly known as the boardwalk (a kind of foothold pedestrians), terrace deliberately placed to deal with the waves at sea.

Patio design inspiration of this kind to be interesting because the brown color of wood balanced with bright colors to soft contained on the furniture. Just look at the two-seater wicker sofa and single-seat cream-colored sofa that blends with the color orange on the base and cushion it. The combination of these colors, although its level is much different, but more pleasing to the eye as well as provide an identity as a display on the front porch of a dwelling.

Concrete Pillar

In addition to Green Forest Resort and Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa, a terrace at Vila Air Natural Resort also presents the design of the terrace which is not less unique. Villa in Lembang area is also chose Japanese-style tropical building design, with many openings throughout the building, among others in the room, the front of the building, as well as the rear of the building.

The front of the building is decorated by the pool with water bamboo plants, making it appear as if the villa is floating in the water. A wooden walkway connecting the street in front of the villa with the villa building.

One of the limelight from the terrace at Villa Water are the three major pillars of the concrete round the barrier as well as the front facade of the building. The three stone pillars are connected to each other by flowering vines. The trunk looks sturdy pole with a bandage creeping branches that protrude into the top and side porch. When the plant is not flowering, it will be clearly visible terrace house which dominated the wood material from the front of the building. Floor and roof terrace is also dominated by wooden material.

Front wall of the building that restrict guest rooms have a terrace with wooden sliding doors plaid typical little Japanese. While furniture and patio furniture that fills also fit perfectly with the theme of wood. A rectangular wooden table with four chairs wooden folding chair designs became a means to relax enjoying the beauty of the area of ​​Vila Air. While in the front corner of the terrace, lies a land keg timber that adds a strong impression that wants to find.

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