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Choosing the right flooring material

In selecting flooring material, you must be careful. Flooring materials have a variety of types. Security level of this element must be considered. Interior designer expert, Imelda Akmal share tips on choosing the right flooring material, based on the types.

flooring materialA. Quality (Strong and Durability)
Although expensive, solid wood flooring is a material that is strong and durable. While the soft floor coverings, such as carpet, having a period shorter than the life of a hard material, such as ceramic or terrazzo.

2. Safety
Consider carefully whether you want to apply the glossy ceramic floor balcony to the floor. But avoid the application of floor that has too much different height if you have a family member that is elderly.

3. Adjust to use
Ceramics is one of the wise choice to cover your kitchen floor. This material is not easily stained or easily cleaned. For the service corridor, rough concrete floors and minimal treatment can be selected.

4. Comfort
Activity of watching television and reading more and feel comfortable with the presence of carpet near the sofa. In addition to comfortable and soft when stepped on, the carpet is laid in the foyer to give the impression of welcoming.

5. Adjust the Budget
Marble floors tend to be costly. Not only the purchase price, but also when installing and maintaining it.

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