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Take The Risk and Do Small Projects at Home

Simple things that can change the look of your home

In fact, many trivial and simple home projects that you do to add to the comfort of the home is able to change the interior of your home,  besides being more comfortable , even more fresh home with a new look.

Home Interior

Home Interior

For those of you who have not ever take the risk and do small projects at home, try doing some of the following tips:

First, clean accent table in the living room , including a coffee table and console table . Polishing and change the settings of the items on the table surface. Limit the items on the table surface to be able to display your favorite items with special arrangements.


Then, try to imagine the furniture in the living room, dining room, and bedroom in your home. To get a fresh atmosphere, placement exchange goods with similar functionality. For example, move the rocking chair from the living room to your private room. Next, use a chair with a variety of types and display as a seat at the table. The dining table so it does not seem boring.

In addition to furniture, you can also swap artwork in the house. Move the artwork from one room to another room.

In addition, set the patch refrigerator, clean the surface of the refrigerator door also, get rid of the old notes that are not used, and leave just a few magnets. Put the new list, new photos, and a variety of new reminder.

You can also rearrange the books in the living room or family room. Use what you have to create a new look. Try to arrange the books by genre or color to make it attract attention. Stack also some books horizontally to add variety.

Finally, clean the windows of your home. In addition to making the home look more attractive, clean windows are also able to incorporate more sunlight. Rays can highlight the texture in your house.

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