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Material for carport floor

Carport Material

Carport Material

From its use as a car park, floor is the main element that must accommodate all the things that support these functions.

Carport is not just a place to “stop” the car; it is also balance the look of the house and usually the entrance to the small houses.

Well, for the material also varies, as in the floor that contains elements of aesthetics.

There are at least three general conditions suitable material for carport floor, which is not slippery (have a certain resistance to slip), power powerful prop for heavy loads, and resistant to various weather.

Water lines must also exist. This is useful when washing the car in the carport, so that water can be directly channeled into the gutter.

Well, in order to smooth the water lines, in addition to giving the streams in the carport floor, the floor should not be made flat, which has a slope of about 1-3% of the horizontal length.

For construction of the carport floor, mandatory use iron reinforcement of concrete, which is arranged as woven foundation footprint? This is done to overcome the brittle nature of concrete (not able to withstand tensile stress).

Therefore, reinforcing steel, which is strong against tensile, equipping the concrete nature of this weakness. Distance between iron reinforcement 5-10cm. Each combination of iron bound with wire so that the circuit will not be shaken.

car park

car park

So, for the power of the carport floor, there are at least 5 layers, namely the native soil, sand, iron and cast concrete reinforcement, adhesive / species, and floor coverings. Did you check the back of your carport floor arrangement?

Choosing the Right Carport Floor

Carport floor is an important element that must be considered when building a carport. In addition to the construction of the floor, the next thing that is not less important is the floor covering material. There are various types of floor covering materials available on the market, ranging from print to the ceramic concrete. Each material has a different look and excellence.

If you want to choose a carport floor covering material, ensure the rough textured surface, so it is not slippery when scalded. Additionally, select materials which have a strong resistance because it will support the weight of the vehicle. Finally, consider also about its treatment. Select the maintenance easy and not easily soiled.

Cement Print

Mortar consists of a mixture of sand, cement and small corals. Cement floor can print a sheet or plate with a thickness of 3cm to 5cm. The printing process can be done with a cast or cast in place elsewhere then plug in your carport floor. So it looks interesting, you can fill with cement grout material between coral brush and grass.

Cement Plastering

Plastering cement floor is the simplest type of material and cheap. The way the process is very simple, just by giving stucco on the surface of the floor and then as finishing, accented line by using a special tool called a trowel.

Carport floor covering material

Choosing the Right Carport Floor

Choosing the Right Carport Floor

There are two types of cast concrete available on the market. Print that looks solid concrete paving blocks called, while print concrete hollow middle is a grass block. This material called eco-friendly because the cavity in the middle of the grass block can be planted with grass that is able to absorb rainwater to become groundwater reserves.

Coral Brush

In principle, the way it’s almost the same material with cement print. The difference, cement surface sprinkled with coral brushes, then at half-dry cement surfaces brushed with a wire brush texture brush coral that more appear. These materials require regular maintenance to prevent mildew, especially in the rainy season.

Natural Stone

Natural stone material

Natural stone material

Natural stone material that is commonly used as a floor covering carport is andesite and stone slabs. The color that tends to dark is blemishes and seems natural. To prevent mold, cover the surface of natural stone with liquid coatings.


construction of the carport floor

construction of the carport floor

Motifs, textures and colors are varied ceramic material makes it pretty much been into the carport floor covering material. Choose a rough textured ceramic surface that is designed for the outdoor area that is not slippery when wet. In addition, select small-sized ceramic such as 30cmx30cm. It is being better able to withstand heavy loads such as four-wheel vehicles.

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