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How to Clean Stone Coral

clean the coral

clean the coral

Cleaning coral regularly can make you do not have to be afraid because of a slip moss. If left unchecked, it will threaten the safety of the family

Consider the following ways to clean coral.
Coral are often stocked to decorate the surface of the park, consisting of a variety of colors such as white, green, beige, and gray. Due to its application in the area outside the house, then the coral will often splashed by rain and splashing can lead ground .This coral surface becomes dull and covered with a layer of dirt and even moss.

If allowed, the beauty of your garden even reduce.To restore the beauty of the coral, you do not need to clean the pebbles one by one. There is an easy way to clean the coral stones, without the need for special tools. With this simple way, you can restore the color of coral without damaging the delicate texture. Good luck!

Tools and materials

• Buckets

• Clean water

• Cleaning liquid porcelain

• Brush fluffy

• Gloves rubber / plastic.

Step execution

1. Enter the coral rocks into the bucket.

2. Fill a bucket with water until the water level reaches 1 cm above the coral.

3. Clean the pebbles can add as much as 3 porcelain cleaning fluid in the bottle cap.

Coral stone wall

Coral stone wall

4. Use gloves; stir pebbles so that the entire surface is exposed to a mixture of water purifier porcelain.

5. Let stand for 1-2 hours pebbles, if there is stubborn dirt you can brush it with a fluffy brush.

6. Remove the mixture from the bucket of water, fill with clean water until all the pebbles rinsed clean.


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