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Eat More Fun? Trial 4 Types Lighting in the Dining Room

Want to invite some friends to a dinner party? Consider the right lighting to build an intimate atmosphere. Try these following four varieties of lighting

Eating does not have to always be in the dining room. Yes, this one activity can also be carried out and supported by the lighting to dining room more fun. Lighting is one of the key elements to build atmosphere.

Therefore, its presence is very important in a space, especially in a party or a meal together. With the right lighting, ambient or room atmosphere can pamper guests and make them linger. In addition to light, there is also a variety of other lighting that you can use.

 outdoor lighting

outdoor lighting


Lighting of the lamp can be derived from existing lamps or by adding accent lights. For example, spotlights to give effect to bright or warm. You can also add a standing lamp in the corner of the room or the chandelier over the dining table. The lights dim or warm yellowish glow can create a different atmosphere than white light. However, when eating, it’s good to turn on the bright lights so guests had no trouble eating the meal.


There are various types of candles, both shape and color. There are static and placed in containers, usually used as a centerpiece and strung with flowers. There is also a floating candle that can be placed in a wide vase filled with water and cut flowers. When lit, floating candles will give a dramatic effect and a pleasant sensation.

If you want a party atmosphere or romantic supper, put candles everywhere with slick arrangement. Pair with flowers. You can also arrange candles ranging from guest entrance and ends at the dinner table.


Lighting the torch is suitable when the party was held outdoors. Put the torch across the room to warm the air around once member’s dramatic lighting with rustic impression. During the party, there’s good guarding the torch flame to remain consistent and the magnitude of the fire does not bother the guests.


To give accent outdoor lighting, you can use the lanterns. Because the light is very small, good lantern is not used as the main lighting. However, lanterns are suitable as a decorative element because of its unique and exciting luminescence light.


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