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Want a House Free of Mice? Close their entrance

Will you share the space with naughty rats at home? If you want to prevent them from entering the house. Better to close their driveway into our house.

After you do the tips to get rid of the mouse and also the mousetrap. There is something else that can be done to prevent rats from entering your home that you can close the entrance of this animal.

Free of rats

Free of rats

1. Foundation

Check the Foundation in your home, pay special attention to the area near the windows and doors. If you find a hole or crack larger than a pencil eraser, close it immediately. Mice can puncture less-powerful materials, so you should choose a sturdy material such as concrete patch mortar. Follow the instructions on the patch package to ensure your foundation is properly covered.

2. Window and door

The next place is windows and doors. The most active mice at night, so if you leave the window open while you are asleep. Check carefully the window make sure there are no holes. Rats can slip between small holes in windows or doors.

3. Garage

The other place is a garage. Rats have a fairly easy time sneaking around the garage door. That means you have to be extra vigilant with the small gap that connects the garage door with your home. Do not get any small gaps there. Tip: Pay attention to the wall that separates the garage from the house.

4. Chimney

For mice, the chimney in the house looks like a hollow tree that is perfect for use in making nests. This is not a good thing. To prevent mice from entering the chimney you can install a chimney lid made of nets, or it can be with a metal lid to make it safer.

5. Plumbing

Mice use your pipe as a hidden entrance to the house. Take the time to check the pipes. If there is a space between the pipe that directly sides to the house, seal it with steel wool and then coat steel wool with concrete mortar.

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