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5 practical steps so that the House looks large

Has it narrow and broad wants to look? Try five practical steps so that the House looks relieved below!
Home relief with the extensive page is already impossible in the city center because of the high land price. It makes a simple home, a place of the rental house, or apartment residential choice is right for urban communities with high mobility.

However, a simple home, a place of the rental house, or apartment, has limited space so as to maximize existing spaces into a challenge for its inhabitants. Well, if you want to make the House look relieved, follow five practical steps to make the home look of relief from interior designer Revano Satria below!

1. Attach the large mirror

Put a large mirror, approximately the size of a wall in one of the fields. By placing a very large mirror, you will see the reflection of the room that made the House looks spacious and relief. These large mirrors will also reflect the light coming into the room with the maximum.

2. Select the paint with bright colors

Forget about picking paint with a dark color that gives a warm and elegant impression. Applying brightly colored paints! It will make the House looks relieved. If you are in doubt, choose the paint with white color because this color is color neutral and can blend with any color furniture and electronic device you have.

3. Use thin and light curtains

If the House, a place of the rental house, or your apartment still has a large glass window, choose curtains that are thin, lightweight, or a slightly transparent. Thick and dark curtains that will make your space feel claustrophobic.

4. Furniture minimalist design and versatile

Furniture with minimalist design will make your home look relieved. In addition to comfortable to be viewed with a simple design, furniture and neutral colors will blend with the surrounding room. The versatile furniture will also help you in saving. For example, a sofa with a cushion that can be lifted and have storage space in it make you no longer need to buy a closet storage of goods.

5 practical steps so that the House looks large

5 practical steps so that the House looks large

5. Tools of a multifunctional and practical by electronic group

Have a lot of electronic tools with different functions will certainly make you a hassle, well organize them with existing furniture or while using it. For example, a music device and a separate DVD player will greatly outgrow the space. Choose the multifunctional electronic devices with reduced space are not so much.

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