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Note this when installing your aquarium

Don’t get cracked or broken when the Aquarium was installed. Note this! In addition to beautify the Aquarium, also provide a tranquil atmosphere.

The movement of the fish in it eliminates the tedious atmosphere indoors.

According to Joanna Wijaya, interior designers, here are the things you need to consider when entering water feature into the room.

1. The addition of elements such as the aquarium water can provide a tranquil effect. You could make the Aquarium becomes the center of attention in the room. The Aquarium can be used as delimiters of the room so that it can be enjoyed not just from one room only.

2. To add to the experience of space, you can put the aquarium near the path of circulation such as corridors and near the stairs. With that position, you can enjoy the view while passing.

3. Placement of the Aquarium should not forever shape the field vertically. You can put the Aquarium on the floor. The placement could give the impression such as walking on water.

installing your aquarium

installing your aquarium

4. At the time of making your own Aquarium, make sure the material and installation are just right. If the material used is not appropriate, then there is a possibility of an

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